A Personal Pronunciation Coach on your Smartphone

Do you want to improve your spoken English? Protalk lets you see and hear where you’re going wrong – is it the sounds of English? Is it how you pronounce words or phrases? Protalk gives you feedback in real time and lets you see the difference between you and a native speaker.

  • Listen to a native speaker
  • Record yourself and playback your attempt
  • Test yourself on the 44 sounds of English and find out which ones you need to practise
  • Access the International Phonetic Alphabet
  • Match your stress pattern to a native speaker
  • Learn how your voice should rise and fall

Protalk goes much further than speech recognition – it’s your personal pronunciation coach on your smartphone.

Protalk for Business

Protalk technology can power your business by upskilling your employees’ spoken English skills from their phones or tablets. It gets to the heart of the communication problem by turning sound into shape. You can see at a glance where you need to improve.

The adaptive technology gives native speaker examples followed by real time user analysis of:

  • English sounds
  • Extended speech samples of words and phrases
  • Simple visualisation of stress, intonation and length patterns


When you rely on staff to communicate effectively in a global environment, our technology can be customised to improve performance and confidence.

Health and Care Sector

Protalk can assist daily living by alerting the elderly and hearing impaired to potential hazards and help with analysis and rehabilitation programmes for patients with speech disorders.

Training Providers

Protalk can increase employability skills for those aspiring to work in international contexts. The technology can be embedded into existing language training programmes.

Applications for Protalk Technology

  • Customised training for call centre staff
  • Communication training for sales managers and executives
  • Integrated into language learning programmes and publications
  • Embedded in Klik2learn’s intermediate digital English course
  • Employability skills training
  • Analysis of speech disorders
  • Assisted living for the hearing impaired

Coming Soon

Available soon on the App store and Google Play.

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